1st of April
eFront - Workshop
Crown Plaza
Bahrain - Manama

20th of July 2010
BCGCM International Finance Seminar
Manama Office

25 of August 2010
BCGCM - Deal Flow Workshop


Private Equity Firms In Middle East Can Lead The New Economy. To meet this need the DFA, Deal Flow Analysis service was launched on the 11th of September 2009 through BCGCM Advisory in Bahrain, the DFA is a service that can swiftly unlock any Investment firm constrains in preforming their Du diligence, Valuation, Market trend analysis.

BCGCM Announces Partnership With efront Financial Solutions.

BCGCM Banking Advisor, Bahrain, and efront Financial Solutions, have collaborated their expertise, to bring to Bahrain an eFront Workshop. The 1 day Workshop takes place in Crown Plaza, Bahrain, starting on April 1.2010, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

BCGCM has invited 30 Private Equity Banks to attend the efront Workshop. The workshop shall raise Private Equity Banks awareness towards the available Financial Software Solutions, that advance the overall performance of Investment Banks, and help reduce Operational Cost.

Private Equity firms in the Middle East are witnessing a global market shift, while the opportunity for a position as new leaders of investment banking is growing. However, in order to merit such a position, firms need to increase productivity by practicing accurate analysis of investment leads, with a faster turnaround reply to decision makers, alongside better portfolio management, and highly efficient Risk Management.

The Efront Financial Software Solution, offers the targeted productivity of the Private Equity Firms. A position as market leaders can in fact be achieved by adopting best practices in financial analysis and process flow of deals. Only then, Private Equity Firms in the Middle East can be more competitive, with the ability to focus on their primary business investments. says Mr Khalid Ali Salem, Managing Director of BCGCM, Banking Advisory.

BCGCM is an Advisory Services Firm providing businesses with the tools to grow and enhance their business value. As a leading Financial Solutions Provider, BCGCM serves the world through its network of offices in each part of the globe. The flexibility and broad range of experience has enabled BCGCM to fulfill customers needs in a variety of services, whilst still enabling BCGCM to utilize core experience in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking.

eFront is a software publisher specialized in the Financial industries. The success of eFront solutions is attributable to eFront's choices in terms of data models, technologies and functionalities, stemming from its collaboration with major Private Equity firms, Banks, & Insurance companies.

eFront solutions are based on an innovative, flexible, and business-oriented platform, which provides the financial institutions with the ergonomic features and interactivity of Web 2.0 technology, to ensure rapid deployment.

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