BCGCM has a group of offices and process partners in the MENA Region, Asia, and Europe.

BCGCM Middle East acts as the headquarters for the Middle East regional offices establishment and development and is becoming the company of choice for companies and high net worth individuals internationally.

Take your time with due diligence

Always complete your own research and investigation on any investment proposal. Business plans can be packed full of numbers and data and look very appealing but sometimes data is incorrect and this is your responsibility to assure.

High risk equals high returns

Every business investment opportunity is unique and some offer greater rewards and risks than others. The nature of angel investing is high risk and because you will be presented with several opportunities, look for deals you feel comfortable with and ROI can be much higher than traditional investments.

Are you investing in the person or the company?

Remember, most small businesses grow by the driving force of the owner. Get to know the owner of the business and you must feel comfortable with who they are and how they do business.